Fashion Fair Cosmetics’ first-ever mineral liquid foundation has the dubious distinction of offering the widest range of prestige liquid foundations for Black women. It comes in 18 shades, with names like Confident Copper and Powerful Bronze. Fashion Fair clearly knows its audience: self-assured women who want products that cater to their skin’s specific needs.

Fashion Fair True Finish Refining Mineral Foundation aims to do just that. On top of hydrating and protecting the skin, it employs HUE Harmony technology which addresses hyper-pigmentation, an issue that plagues beauties of color, and adapts to the skin’s complexion.

The stunning ad does not feature a celebrity, but instead a beautiful bald model with flawless skin. She radiates confidence, beauty and effortless sophistication. Their powerful choice keeps the attention way from the ubiquitous hair conversation (natural vs. relaxed) and squarely refocuses it on skin and facial features. The teal and blue jewelry works to set off her beautiful golden skin tone.

The foundation launches on August 8th and will be available on Fashion Fair’s e-commerce website and in fine department stores.

Will you give Fashion Fair Cosmetics Mineral Liquid Foundation a try, Clutchettes?


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  • df

    ooh, i’ll check out the ingredients. I love my mineral powder but a liquid foundation would be nice for the winter.

  • Sick

    Yes of course, I would love to try it. But does it have to be $28 dollars

  • tight lipped mary

    all i want is a good color match.

  • kat

    FF has always been there for us & showed love for black beauty when ALL other lines turned their backs on us! we should (those that can afford to) support FF even if we don’t wear it because they’ve earned our business!