For years we’ve reminisced lovingly about our favorite black RomComs of the ‘90s and early 2000s and wondered when we’d see more on screen. Despite several qualms over the book, Think Like A Man impressed audiences across the country, raking in $100 million at the box office, and cracked the door open for Hollywood to once again showcase black love on screen.

While Hollywood has been slow to promote black films, and particular black romantic comedies as of late, this hasn’t stopped filmmakers from writing and directing their own stories. We’ve showcased many of them here over the past year and the latest film to put on your “must watch list” is Dui Jarrod’s Lesson Before Love.

Lesson Before Love follows four singles on their path to self-discovery.

Check out the official synopsis:

Eric, Alexis, Cullen and Janae are all single and unsatisfied living their monochromatic lives. The contentious, first time meeting between on-line chat buddies, Eric and Alexis, brings about a torrent of emotions as they and their friends all meet up for a night on the town. After which, they begin to experience love lessons that force them to search their own hearts and lost passions for the love that has long eluded them.

The film has been wowing audiences and winning awards at film festivals across the country, and will open in limited nation-wide release in October.

Check out the trailer for ‘Lesson Before Love.’

Will you be seeing the film? What’s your favorite RomCom?

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