It seems we can’t broach the conversation about thinning edges without talking about the larger issue of hair loss among many African-American women, and what causes it. When we wrote about edge control, talk quickly shifted to why some women wear weaves and wigs knowing how harmful they can be to our strands.

Kunbi Tinuoye explores the issue in an article for TheGrio.com, which examines how instant beauty, in the form of weaves and wigs, often leads to irreparable damage. She writes:

Indeed, hair loss among black women is a big issue, exacerbated by the use of wigs, hair pieces, micro braids and chemicals not always compatible with afro hair. The question is, will women who care about their appearance ever give up the desire for quick fixes and instant beauty?

Tinuoye offers quotes from hair experts about the staggering numbers surrounding African-American hair loss (one dermatologist sees 20 women a week with hair loss) and says these women are turning to products and even transplant surgery to correct it.

But what about refraining from wearing weaves and wigs, or at least taking better care of your hair underneath it? Weaves and wigs may seem like a quick and easy alternative to caring for one’s real hair, but when worn improperly, they come at a steep price.

What are your thoughts, Clutchettes? Is instant beauty costing women their hair?

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