It seems we can’t broach the conversation about thinning edges without talking about the larger issue of hair loss among many African-American women, and what causes it. When we wrote about edge control, talk quickly shifted to why some women wear weaves and wigs knowing how harmful they can be to our strands.

Kunbi Tinuoye explores the issue in an article for TheGrio.com, which examines how instant beauty, in the form of weaves and wigs, often leads to irreparable damage. She writes:

Indeed, hair loss among black women is a big issue, exacerbated by the use of wigs, hair pieces, micro braids and chemicals not always compatible with afro hair. The question is, will women who care about their appearance ever give up the desire for quick fixes and instant beauty?

Tinuoye offers quotes from hair experts about the staggering numbers surrounding African-American hair loss (one dermatologist sees 20 women a week with hair loss) and says these women are turning to products and even transplant surgery to correct it.

But what about refraining from wearing weaves and wigs, or at least taking better care of your hair underneath it? Weaves and wigs may seem like a quick and easy alternative to caring for one’s real hair, but when worn improperly, they come at a steep price.

What are your thoughts, Clutchettes? Is instant beauty costing women their hair?

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  • I have noticed that when I look at any black woman, I zero in on the state of their edges. I think it is a good thing that more and more women are becoming aware of harmful practices and ways to stop making the problem worse

  • Anything done improperly “comes at a steep price.”
    I’m getting a little sick of all this talk about Black women and their hair.
    Women of ALL other races can fry, dye, weave, relax, perm and do whatever else they want to their hair without an issue. But when a Black women does something to her hair, articles are written, tweets are sent, bells and whistles sound, etc. What a mess. Black women can’t catch a break for anything sometimes.

  • TC

    Oh my goodness, this natural vs. weave vs. relaxer vs. what God Gave You debate has got to stop now. I have been wearing weaves off and on since high school and I can promise you I have never lost my edges or had breakage from a weave. If you’re sitting there pressing, pulling and getting your weave done too tight, then yes baby, you’re gonna have some breakage. And that’s your own “hair miseducated” fault.

    Another thing that irks me on this subject is all the hullabaloo that you’re “prescribing to a European standard of beauty if you wear a weave or relax your hair.” Gag me with a sewing needle. Wearing a weave doesn’t make you any less Black or proud of your heritage, nor does it mean that you’re ghetto, classless and lacking an education beyond secondary school.

    I want to see more articles that do less tearing you down for your hair choices and more lifting you up because you have the confidence to know and ROCK what works for you. Gimme some cute ways I can wear my weave, tell me how I can transition from weave to natural and back again. Have more tips on exercising and Black hair!

    Do something more than use a fear-monger headline to drudge up division and side eyes between Black women everywhere.

  • x-girlfriend

    oooo look another hair thread..
    if you cannot take care of your hair underneath a wig/weave, then you should not be

    wearing them. plain and simple.

    lace fronts are ugly. i don’t feel the need to see all of that glue gathered on a persons hair line nor do i want to see a track added on to that mess.

    wear it right or don’t wear them at all.

  • TYG

    I could see if the weave was attractive but in my opinion all that big hunk of heavy shellac is extremely unattractive and it looks like a stiff rats nest. The wigs are even more hideous with the multi color and ugly cuts. The full cap looks like it should be for circus fun. I hate how we as BW went from being proud of wearing our own hair to this big hunk of horses crap just to accuse the one who wouldn’t indulge in that crap of having the crap. I take care of my own hair and yes it is permed and long. I have a wash and roller set once a week and keep it wrapped each night before bed. My hair is extremely healthy and I am always accused of having a weave. What’s funny though is I feel insulted because that big ugly horses whack stiff rats nest mess can’t come close to looking better than my own hair. It puts age on the face and is so unnatural looking. Why would you shave your edges to put on an ugly lace front? It just doesn’t make sense to me. I say wear your own hair proudly. The big hunk of horses whack is truly ugly in my opinion.