It’s easy to collapse under the pressure to be “Superwoman.” On the outside, we strive to be the loving wife, doting mother, educated over-achiever, high-powered career woman and expert cook, all while maintaining a perfect figure and a perennially happy disposition. But in truth, even the strongest women battle with insecurity, doubt, fear, emptiness and low self-esteem from time-to-time.

And that’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s understandable that life’s ups and downs can impact our self esteem, especially when we put everyone and everything above ourselves.

Here are four ways to get your self-esteem up despite what life throws your way:

-Love yourself as is.

No one is perfect. By succumbing to external pressure to be “superwoman,” you’re setting yourself up for disappointment from the start. Acknowledge, understand and embrace your flaws then love yourself in spite of them.

-Prioritize your mental health.

Women of color have a way of making sure everything else in their lives is in order — their career, their family, their looks, their finances — except their mental health. Whatever you do to restore your sense of peace and stability, whether it’s going to church, volunteering, exercising or seeing a therapist, make it a regular part of your routine.

-Don’t compare yourself to others.

It’s easy to feel inadequate when you compare yourself to other women, whose situation may seem better from afar. “Keeping up with the Joneses” won’t help you be the best you. Be inspired by other women’s stories, but recognize you’re on a path that’s all your own.

-Pamper yourself.

Take time out of your busy schedule to give yourself some TLC, whether you prefer a long, candlelit bath or a pedicure at the nail salon. Pampering yourself offers a much-needed reprieve from the stresses and demands of everyday life.

How do you improve your self-confidence, Clutchettes?

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