A mobile DNA testing truck named “Who’s Your Daddy” is making the rounds on the streets of New York City, offering to help folks an opportunity to sort out paternity as easily as they buy a Korean bbq taco.

For $299 to $575, Jared Rosenthal tests customers and either sends their results in the mail or deliver them by hand in that infamous manila envelope.

Dealing with paternity questions can be a sticky situation, so I can’t imagine walking up to a truck with “Who’s Your Daddy’ plastered across the side. But apparently, that’s exactly what attracts Rosenthal’s customers.

The New York Post explained the truck’s appeal:

The brown and white vehicle — which charges $299 to $575 — is so eye-catching that some people flag it down like a taxi and ask to be tested.

“I had one woman get six kids DNA tested once,” Rosenthal said.

“Something about the RV makes it more intimate and people open up. It makes it easier for them.

“I get a lot of military requests [to test kids]. I think when they’re away, they want the assurance.”

Within minutes of parking yesterday in East Harlem, a handful of confused or amused onlookers approached the van.

“It’s unusual,” said Omar Rodriguez, who stopped to take a picture in front of the RV with his girlfriend. 

Another, Oliver Thayer, observed, “It’s definitely something different.”

“Only in New York,” he said.

Rosenthal is often called a mobile Maury Povich but he eschews the comparison, saying he’s in business to actually help people while Povich just wants to “prey on the fighting” for ratings.

While Rosenthal’s business may seem odd, it also services a need. Everyone from servicemen to teens and people search for their fathers come to his truck seeking answers. And while he’s often described “Who’s Your Daddy” as sort of a “heartbreak hotel,” he says the happy endings make it worth it.

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