I have a confession to make. When I walked into an interview at a high-profile fashion magazine publishing company with my natural hair curls in a mini fro, I was scared my hairstyle would cost me the job. At some of the more successful fashion magazines, the staff all looks the same: thin, tall, beautiful and white with pin-straight hair.

Simone Tetteh, booking associate for American Vogue, is one of the few employees at high fashion magazines who don’t fit that limiting standard of beauty. Responsible for booking makeup artists and hairstylists for photo shoots, Tetteh has a look that is unique, effortless and striking.

With hair done by Anthony Dickey of Hair Rules salon and makeup by Alice Lane, Tetteh was photographed for one work week in looks she wore each day. She has an affinity for trendy labels like Opening Ceremony, Equipment, Topshop, Theory and H&M, and wears her natural hair in pinned or braided updos.

Click through to see a selection of photos from Simone Tetteh’s shoot.


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  • African Mami

    The girl with the bright red hair is Stunning! Breathtaking even.

    Lovely girll! She got legs for days.

  • Jess

    “thin, tall, beautiful and white with pin-straight hair” sighhh….smdh….clutch, cluth, clutch

    • student

      They’ve lost me on the first two. She looks tall enough to model, and she might not be stick thin but she is slender.

    • simplyme

      lol right? she is thin, tall, and definitely beautiful… what standard does she not fit besides not being white with straight hair? i think I get what they were trying to say but that was worded horribly.

    • meemaw

      lol seriously they act like she was precious competing with giselle bunchen the way they phrased it. She fits the black mold that they WOULD hire if anything else. natural hair is the shit to them and is very “in” at the moment. We see how much attention Solange gets cause she’s not like the typical straight weaved out black stars.

  • d_nicegirl


  • Lo

    She has a beautiful body.