According to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, Mitt Romney’s problem with black voters is even worse than he thought. The poll found that the GOP candidate is capturing the support ZERO percent of black voters, losing to President Obama 94 percent to zip.

While Republicans typically fail to capture broad African-American support, past GOP candidates like George W. Bush were able to garner support from black voters. One problem may be the fact that Romney’s campaign has done little outreach to minority communities. Aside from his speech at the NAACP convention, which received a tepid response and even some boos, Romney’s campaign has failed to reach out to black voters or even show the former Massachusetts governor interacting with people of color on the campaign trail.

Romney’s showing among Latino voters is also abysmal. Polling suggests he is losing the Hispanic vote to President Obama by a 2 to 1 margin, a gap he needs to close in order to win crucial swing states.

These numbers come just a week before Republicans head to Tampa for their convention and officially nominate Romney as their presidential candidate. Despite hoping to gain a bounce from tapping Paul Ryan as his V.P. pick, Romney still trails President Obama—48 percent to 44 percent—among registered voters.

Despite the fact that they will lose the black, and likely minority vote, as America continues to brown, should the GOP reach out voters of color or can they continue to win by focusing on white voters?

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  • who run the world?…GOD

    It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t have the black/latino vote, if we don’t come out to the polls on election day!

  • MissAnthropist

    If you are black, AND you have a vagina, AND you vote for Romney, you deserve all the unfair treatment you subsequently receive.

  • Misty_Moonsilver

    Wait,,,,,you’re joking right? You don’t actually believe that, I hope. There are plenty of blacks that are rooting for Romney. Allen West, Condeleeza and many black conservatives. We DO exist!

  • Lady P

    Even during his drop-in with the NAACP, he appeared disengaged. As history predates itself, the republicans will have another plan to dismantle the black and/or minority vote . I’m sure their elected governors and other government officials didn’t hesitate to adjust polling hours esp in swing states. The GOP was already aware voter registration id laws would present a bigger problem for the black/minority population. Romney/Ryan doesn’t necessarily need to have grave concern in regards to the black or minority vote. If we don’t show up in record numbers (create the synergy of ’08), we may give them the election. The black vote didn’t exclusively win the democratic election, but it sure did make a huge difference. This same difference is perhaps required for the republicans not to win this election.