I know this will be a sticky discussion, Clutchettes and Gents, so before we even begin, let’s get one thing straight: We need to respect each other. We’re all grown and intelligent, so in order for us to have an actual discussion and not a virtual yelling match, treat each commenter respectfully. Cool? Cool!

Recently, Jasmine Guy and Juliette Fairley had some interesting things to say about biracial actors and actresses: they need more roles.

At the premiere of Fairley’s new film series, The Mulatto Saga (more details on Shadow & Act), the filmmaker explained her position: “There’s a lack of roles in Hollywood for bi-racial women. So, I create my own content that I star in and in the process I create work for other actors of all races, genders and nationalities.”

While I think all actors of color are often times passed over, in my opinion biracial actors aren’t having a significantly tougher time than black, Asian, or Hispanic actors.

But what do you think? Do Fairley and Guy have a point? Is it hard out here for biracial actors?

Sound off! 

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