I don’t know about you, but I’m experiencing some serious Olympics fatigue.

Although I was looking forward to watching this year’s games, between the Twitter spoilers, the tape-delay, NBC’s cheesy narriatives, and the fact that all of my favorite events are just about over, I’m now left wondering when I’ll get my regular programming back.

Sure, it’s been mildly entertaining to watch water polo and table tennis, but with the gymnastics events and most of the track and field sprinting events wrapping up, I’m watching my TV guide wondering when it’ll end.

But is it just me? Are you over this year’s games or are you staying glued to your TV until the very last event?

Speak on it! 

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  • Kassy

    I’m tired of it all, tired of not seeing regular programming. It just goes on way too long.

    • I agree. Besides, track and field events don’t interest me. While I like some of the winter games, I don’t care for the summer games at all.

  • Laina

    Let us put everything in perspective. As someone else pointed out, it only happens ever four years for two weeks. Two weeks is not a long time but in this short attention span world, where people cannot sit still and shut up during a 90 minute movie, I guess two weeks can be a long time to focus on something. That being said, in this country with a major obesity epidemic, the Olympics is a reminder of what the body should look like. I am not tired of watching attractive fit Black atheletes that talk about setting goals, working hard and saying hello to their families. The coverage is the pits and I often put the TV on mute and or flip to another channel when the nonsense filler stuff appears. I like the track and field events but I have yet to see or hear a female commentator for track and field?

  • I don’t like that the Olympics are on so many channels that I miss my regular programing. All the best news broadcasts are off and all that’s left is FOX which I can’t stand, and I’m not too interested in CNN either. Meet the Press was off, NBC and MSNBC was off. There’s an election coming up and all you can get is Republican networks. The summer Olympics are boring. Most games are just variations of running up and down a field.

  • It was much nicer when the Winter and summer Olympics were held in the same year, every four years. This two-year cycle thing is awful and was a clear money grab.