Clint Eastwood at the RNC 

The Republican National Convention wrapped up Thursday night in Tampa, and the reviews are mixed.

While the GOP went to great efforts to showcase its diversity, tapping Mia Love, Condi Rice, Artur Davis, Marco Rubio, Susana Martinez and several others to speak, fact checkers took them to task for the speeches, especially vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s, for their blatant mischaracterization of the truth.

Although many pundits agreed that Mitt Romney gave the speech of his life, he was overshadowed by a bizarre appearance by actor and lifelong Republican, Clint Eastwood.

During Eastwood’s appearance, he seemed to ramble from one topic to the next and even pretended an empty chair was President Obama.

Next week, the Democrats head to Charlotte to make their case in front of the American people and it will see how their convention compares to the GOP.

Now that the Republican National Contention is over, what were your thoughts? What did you like or dislike? Are you more apt to vote Republican now that you’ve heard from more of their leaders?

Speak on it! 

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