If I was a betting woman, I’d wager that at some point in time you have been a victim of Mean Girl Syndrome, you know the horrible experience of being picked on or talked about by other women for no other reason except you have the audacity to exist.

I’ve been there, and if I’m honest with myself, I’ve been a mean girl a time or two in the past as well.


Although I don’t buy into the idea that most woman are catty, competitive, and insecure, I can’t deny that more often than not, my beefs with other folks have been with women. Now, perhaps this is because I’m around sistas a lot and if you have conflicts they will probably come from those close to you, but when it comes to getting along and building allies, too often women find it difficult forging bonds with those outside of their circle.

Traditionally we have competed for prime resources—partners and jobs, for example—but as women have increasingly become more independent and in charge of their own lives, why do some of us still operate with the mentality that only one woman can shine at a time?

On Sunday, Oprah and Iyanla Vanzant will tackle this very issue on Lifeclass, and I will certainly be tuning in. But let’s pre-game for a bit, shall we?

Clutchettes, why DO some women have such a tough time getting along?

Speak on it! 

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