Have you read Pearl Cleage’s Essence Book Club-featured novel, Babylon Sisters?  How about her Oprah’s Book Club pick, What Looks Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day? Each story has love at its core. Each delves into the lives of successful black women and their approaches to relationships: professional, familial, and romantic. And each would make a great film.

As it happens, professor and filmmaker Ayoka Chenzira agrees and has entered a partnership with the acclaimed Cleage to bring her colorful, nuanced narratives to the big screen, starting with the two aforementioned novels. Cleage’s work has been featured on the New York Times bestseller list and her novels have sold well over two million copies. Chenzira is a pioneer in black filmmaking. Their newly formed Pearl Cleage Film Project seems like a partnership made in heaven. In the following video, Chenzira expresses her motivation for adapting Cleage’s novels as a prevailing lack of diversity in the kinds of black experiences represented in American cinema:

Their website further details the project, listing the various producers, editors and screenwriters who’ve already signed on to be part of this endeavor–the vast majority of whom are women of color.

Are you looking forward to seeing Cleage’s novels realized on the silver screen?


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