There’s a phenomenon sweeping Instagram and Facebook, and it’s being referred to as “Fashion Kids.” No one can actually pinpoint where it started, but I’ll start by pointing a finger at Suri Cruise’s parents:

Suri Cruise has been in heels & grown up clothes since she was four. Although she was occasionally seen gallivanting around the streets of New York drinking out of a bottle, she still had a mean shoe game that could rival most adult women.

On Instagram, there are thousands of photos of children, both girls and boys, dressed as if they invaded their parent’s closets. But in all actuality, this is their parents’ doing. As I clicked through photo after photo, I noticed kids in sunglasses, peplum dresses, studded shoes, and mini skirts. I kind of started to get envious of the outfits a lot of these kids wore, wishing they came in adult sizes.

Sure, it’s nice to play dress up, but are these outfits practical for everyday kiddie life? Imagine a child walking into kindergarten dressed to the “9s,” will that kid shy away from normal kindergarten activities out of fear of getting their new outfit dirty? Also, what effect could these over zealous outfits have on other children that may not be able to afford such treads?

If you spend time near any middle school or high school you’ll already notice the fashion “trends” of today’s youth. Jeans so tight they might as well be another layer of skin. Low cut shirts and skirts that won’t allow a person to bend down in them. Boys still refusing to pull up their pants, or even pants so tight you have to wonder if they accidentally borrowed their sister’s.

Maybe parents shouldn’t try so hard to dress their kids as themselves. With the money that is spent on these outfits, put it towards something useful that they won’t grow out of in 5 months. I guess gone are the days of Gymboree and Gap Kids, hello designer threads in 4T.

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