Celebrities on Twitter are known for a bit of hyperbole, but when Rihanna shared a picture of Beyonce with her tweeps, she gushed about Bey’s looks. Although many have tried to paint the two as rivals, Rihanna gave Beyonce major kudos when she said that a picture of the glammed up diva could “single handedly destroy the self esteem of an entire nation.”

While Beyonce is looking quite fab in the photo and Rihanna’s comments were meant as compliment, she might just be onto something.

Increasingly young women are trying their hardest to live up to the unrealistic (and expensive) examples set forth by their favorite celebs. Weaves, designer clothes, expensive accessories, and luxurious grooming habits are increasingly being lauded by our culture causing young girls to think that in order to be valued they need to follow these examples.

Although parents play a strong role in shaping a young woman’s self-esteem, pop culture also plays a role in how we see ourselves.

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