Attitudes toward reality television have become pretty nasty. No one expects much of it. And many of those who find themselves watching some of the more salacious shows kind of hate themselves for it when the credits roll. But are there any redeeming qualities to reality TV? Is there anything we could legitimately watch and enjoy without feeling like either we or the “stars” were just exploited? We think so. Here are a few show ideas we think we could watch and retain our dignity.

Phonte Speaks of Love

I don’t know about y’all, but I would pay good cable bill prices to watch singer/rapper Phonte invite married couples to a restaurant for cold drinks and hot wings to discuss ways that they can infuse a bit of excitement back into their marriage. For years, Phonte’s been blogging and tweeting his relationship tidbits, which are at times controversial but always entertaining. He’s an armchair love activist par excellence–and, since he’s also an avid moviegoer/film critic, he could end each episode with a one-minute review of a romcom.

Geoffrey Canada Takes Over 

Predominantly black public schools would do well to allow Harlem Children’s Zone founder Geoffrey Canada and a camera crew into their struggling districts. Give him six months to overhaul everything from approach to curriculum to parent involvement initiatives to school lunch menus.

Cindi Mayweather’s Singing and Self-Esteem Symposium

Janelle Monae is everywhere these days, with her new Covergirl campaign and a new album in the works. But wouldn’t it be cool to see her take on a group of aspiring songstresses and infuse them with a boost of confidence and some quirky lessons in how to make a song their own? They’d have to undertake a gauntlet of odd challenges, like singing in a subway stations in fairy wings and face paint.  It could be awesome.

Break-Up-A-Grams From the Stars

Can you imagine if people hired Katt Williams or Kevin Hart or Wanda Sykes to break up with their significant others? They’d open the door to find one of them standing there, saying, “He don’t want you no’ more.” And then they’d proceed to try cheering them up with some personalized break-up-related stand-up.

Would you watch any of these shows? Do you have any wishful pitches for reality shows that won’t make audiences cringe? 

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