As we near election time, darts are being thrown from both political parties. One of the more recent public critiques is the Republican party’s angry reception of President Barack Obama’s upcoming interview with Glamour Magazine. The POTUS sat down with Glamour Editor-in-Chief Cindi Leive in Portland last month for the magazine’s November issue.

Though he’s not the first President to speak with the glossy (George W. Bush was interviewed in 2008), conservative pundits and writers are claiming he has more important business to focus on than “fluff” interviews. And the corresponding attacks hit below the belt.

As reported by WWD:

“Leader of the Free World Interviewed by Glamour.” That was the headline on a blog post at the National Review’s Web site after WWD reported Cindi Leive interviewed President Barack Obama last month. “Can’t wait to see what he thinks of the new fall collection. Next month, the Cosmo interview!” National contributor Jim Geraghty cattily wrote.

The reception from other pundits and conservative bloggers wasn’t any kinder. The Drudge Report picked a photo of Obama staring into a mirror to illustrate the story, and Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren blogged on her personal Web site it “does open him up to fair criticism that he is avoiding the sharper questions others would pose to him.”

The logic goes the President has more important issues to attend to than sit down with a fashion magazine. “The grumbling about Obama’s fluff interviews would be quieter if the country were in a time of peace and prosperity, or if he hadn’t gone close to eight weeks without a press conference,” Geraghty expanded.

President Barack Obama has consistently been berated by the Republican party for his presence in entertainment media from TV appearances to the cover of lifestyle and fashion glossies. As a charming, attractive and likable family man, he has become a revered public figure for his looks and personality as well as his policies. The Obamas have always been diverse in their approach to media coverage, having been featured in ESPN Magazine, People magazine, “Entertainment Tonight,” “The View,” GQ and Vogue.

This particular criticism, however, seems unfair especially considering that George Bush spoke to the same magazine during his term. The mirror photo from The Drudge Report comes off as low and disrespectful by implying that President Barack Obama is superficial and narcissistic for simply being interviewed by a fashion glossy.

To appeal to the fashion magazine’s readers, who do vote by the way, President Obama will be discussing issues like women’s healthcare.

Speak on it, Clutchettes and Gents: Should President Barack Obama get flack for his interview with Glamour? Should he stay away from fashion magazines?

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