You’re dressed to the nines, but your beau is in a pair of jeans and sneakers. What? Did he not get the memo? We’re going to an upscale dinner. Don’t get frustrated because you’re not alone. Even our favorite celebrity couples have fallen victim.

Take Beyonc√© and Jay-Z for example. Bey is cinched, snatched, and rocking six inch heels but her husband is in his favorite pair of sneakers and jeans. I understand opposites attract, but when it comes to fashion it can be tacky. It can be annoying to get all dolled up and your better half doesn’t follow suit. No, don’t drop him for a GQ model, work with him until he gets it right.

The next time he goes shopping tag alone and suggest a few pieces to him.

-If he has a birthday coming up, buy him a piece you would love to see him in.

-Suggest that piece the next time you want him to dress up.

-Drop subtle hints.

You’re not changing him, you’re just cleaning him up a bit. How many of you have this problem? How did you work through it?

-Jamiese Price

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  • Patience

    This isn’t something that has ever happened to me, but my neighbor, who is married. A few times I have seen them leave the house to go out and she would have on a cute dress, and her husband would be wearing a polo style shirt, khaki cargo shorts and Nike Foamposites. I just remember sitting there, thinking how annoyed I would be if that were my husband.

    *That dress looks like a watermelon.

  • shadow

    @ Patience

    Had to laugh on the dress looking like a watermelon comment!

    Ok, I’ve been married for 14 years & your boo is gonna wear what he likes damned the occasion , just like Jay did above and the “cleaning him up a bit” may not work for many of us, trust, Bey has probably tried 9 times out of 10 herself & just said “f” it imma look cute! I have actually had more success when I see what my hubby has in mind to wear and then I pick out something that compliments his outfit, so at least we’ll be somewhere on the same page when we leave the house;)

    • Mademoiselle

      I think you hit it on the head. If out of the 2 of you, you’re the one agonizing about matching, then you should be the one obligated to change. That’s what I consider fair. I do the same thing. I hate walking around looking like we’re going to two different events. So if we have the time beforehand, I’ll try to find out what he’s wearing and see what I have the complements it.

      If he’s egregiously out of hand, though, I’ll either sit it out, uninvite him, or figure out how we can go separately. It’s never happened before, but I like to think that’s how it would go down :)

  • Almost three years into marriage, I have given up on trying to make my husband wear what I want him to wear.

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