For some, it happens often: the hopeless romantics, the single ladies, the married women who find something new to adore about their spouses every few hours, weeks, or months. For others, it’s rarer; falling in love is an anomaly, an unexpected grace amid the stress of the daily hustle. No matter how you get there, there’s no mistaking the euphoria you feel when you find someone who makes your knees buckle on sight, your toes curl upon touch, your heart leap whenever he speaks.

Since love is one of the most over-examined emotions in music, it’s probably not too difficult to find a song that expresses those new-love sensations in a way that you, in particular, can truly relate. Everyone has different “mood music” for fresh romance, and it usually varies from person-to-person.

Here are a few of my “new love” jams:

 He Loves Me (Lyzel in E Flat)

Nothing Even Matters – Lauryn Hill/D’Angelo

I’d Rather Be With You – Bootsy Collins

Come Close – Common featuring Mary J Blige

Talk to You (Li’l Darlin’) – Talib Kweli featuring Bilal

What songs do you play when you’re newly in love? Do they vary from relationship to relationship or do you have a few standards?

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