If you’re like me and have been away from your computer all afternoon, then you just found out that 16-year-old Gabby Douglas just made history.

Known as “The Flying Squirrel,” Douglas out-performed the top gymnasts in the world to take him the gold medal in the gymnastics all-around competition, making her the first African American woman to do so.

Douglas dominated the competition, and before her closest competitor, Russia’s Victoria Komova even finished her floor routine, everyone in the area knew Douglas was the winner.

Douglas, who has consistently turned in show-stopping performances this week, said that her gold medals haven’t sunk in yet.

“I wanted to seize the moment,” Douglas said. “It hasn’t sunk in yet. Team finals hasn’t sunk in yet. But it will.”

With her history-making performance, Douglas is sure to be the talk of the games now, securing her place along side legendary gymnasts like Mary Lou Retton, Carly Patterson, and Nastia Liukin.

Way to go Gabby!

*Photo via Josh Haner/The New York Times

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  • Kristin

    I am so proud of Gabby, I’ve been rooting for her for a long time. On a gymnastics message board I belong to many people had been saying that she didn’t have the mental strength to deal with the pressure of high level competitions. I thought she had been growing in mental toughness over the past year. I resisted saying “I told you so” after she won the OGM.

  • Love this. Gabby is such a postive role model for young African-American women. Much better than the women on VH1 and Nikki Menage. I love that Gabby’s mom and siblings were there to cheer her on.

  • It’s funny how this story did not get a quarter of the comments as the article about Gabby’s hair.

    Some people love misery!

  • ALM


  • Chicago Joseph

    Dianne Durham is living in Chicago now, the local ABC station here did a story on her after Gabby won. It would be nice to see Ebony do the same story. Dianne was a pioneer and helped set the stage for not only Gabby but Dominique Dawes and others.