False eyelashes are a fun way to add a glamourous, feminine and alluring spin to a made-up face. Whether headed to a fancy gala or a weekend date, lashes make your eyes pop and add the finishing touch to your makeup look.

A session with a professional artist isn’t the only time you can enjoy false lashes. Follow these foolproof steps to apply them at home, with the help of NARS celebrity makeup artist, Melissa Cornelius.

-Place a thin line of glue on the strip of the lash.
-Wait 10 seconds or until the glue gets tacky.
-Using a tweezer, toothpick or your fingers, apply the lashes to your eye.
-Get the lashes as close as you can to your lash line.
-When it dries, apply two coats of mascara to marry the lashes and have a natural plush lash look.

Voilà! You have a gorgeous lash look.

Shop lashes, glue and tweezers here:



Do you wear false eyelashes, Clutchettes? What are some tips you follow when applying them?

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  • Dee

    I love my lashes! I have collected a whole wardrobe of different kids and brands so whenever I feel like getting a little extra glam I pop on a pair of lashes. Its an inexpensive way to give yourself and instant makeover.

    One thing I do is that I cut each lash into two or three sections becuase it makes it easier tor me to put the smaller piece on vs trying to line up the entire lash and if I mess up I can take of the one that isnt right without having to remove the entire lash and starting over.

  • I can’t seem to put them on right no matter how hard I try, maybe I should try it with tweezers

    • emme

      get yourself some cheap ones $1 or $2, or a lash kit with the clam and the small tube of glue, grab a handheld mirror and when your home with nothing to do just practice. Tweezers are the best to use but the clam helps keep the entire lash steady when you put it on.

    • Tayrat

      I have exactly he same problem….

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  • what do you do when your real eyelashes will NOT blend with the false ones? i feel like my real eyelashes are way too course and short to blend in naturally. it’s annoying!