False eyelashes are a fun way to add a glamourous, feminine and alluring spin to a made-up face. Whether headed to a fancy gala or a weekend date, lashes make your eyes pop and add the finishing touch to your makeup look.

A session with a professional artist isn’t the only time you can enjoy false lashes. Follow these foolproof steps to apply them at home, with the help of NARS celebrity makeup artist, Melissa Cornelius.

-Place a thin line of glue on the strip of the lash.
-Wait 10 seconds or until the glue gets tacky.
-Using a tweezer, toothpick or your fingers, apply the lashes to your eye.
-Get the lashes as close as you can to your lash line.
-When it dries, apply two coats of mascara to marry the lashes and have a natural plush lash look.

Voilà! You have a gorgeous lash look.

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Do you wear false eyelashes, Clutchettes? What are some tips you follow when applying them?

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