It’s Monday and we’ve made it to another week. Whether you’re enjoying the last few weeks of summer, or are deeply entrenched in another work week, I’m back with 5 things to try this week to add a little pop of positivity to your life.

Shall we get started?

Learn something new: This weekend I learned to ride a motorcycle. It was amazing and got me thinking of all of the other things I’d like to learn, but have been putting off. This week, try to learn more about something that’s always interested you.

Go off the grid: These days are so digitally connected it can become stressful. Try taking a few hours every day, or an entire day, to disconnect from your phone, laptop, text messages, Facebook–the whole nine. Go outside, read a book, spend time with those you love without your phone in tow.

Be nice: Being snarky is easy, I do it well. But this week, when dealing with others, try to stick to the principle, “If you don’t have something nice to say, keep your mouth shut.”

Buy yourself some flowers: Flowers can instantly brighten your mood, and with so many varieties available in the summer, you can pick up a cute and affordable bouquet very easily.

Watch a movie outdoors: Grab your picnic basket, your favorite snacks, and a friend and head to an outdoor movie screening. The summer is usually teaming with them, so finding an outdoor film in your area should be pretty easy.

That’s it for this week, Clutchettes. What’s on your list? 

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