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I’m not sure what exactly they’re doing but it ain’t the Dougie.

After gymnast MaKayla  Maroney tried to teach the Today Show’s Jenna Bush to hit her Dougie, apparently Jenna wanted to pass on her newfound skills to her Today Show crew. Well….things didn’t go quite right, and instead of looking cool and hip, Jenna and Savannah looked awkward and a little bit foolish (notice how Al and Matt were having NONE of it!). But hey? It’s all in good fun, right?

Now…who’s going to teach the Today Show crew how to Dougie?

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  • Nikki

    Somewhere Ann Curry is thanking whatever deity she has a relationship with that she was not on the Today show for this foolishness. LOL

    • Misty_Moonsilver

      hahahaha definitely. I didn’t even realize until recently, Ryan Seacrest is on the show….what a mess! All should get outta there soon too!

  • Gigi Young

    The Dougie has been over for a while, and now the nail is definitely in its coffin.

    • LKJ

      I often cringe when I see white people dance. Occasionally I am pleasantly surprised, but this was not one of those times.

  • That looks like a wonderful time!!!!Thanks for sharing.

  • 726

    What in the heck dance were they doing? That was even worse than the Formula 1 driver who I saw do the Dougie as his introduction dance at the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Canada last year.