Despite its flaws and its ability to allow folks to talk crazy about everything from their family members to entertainers and athletes on TV, I still love Twitter. It’s given me the chance to connect with people all over the globe and build a diverse circle of amazingly creative and hilarious thinkers.

Today, while quickly pursuing the trending topics, I noticed one called #ToughQuestions. While many of the questions people posed were quite frivolous, others were very interesting. The meme got me thinking about all of the tough questions we women tend not to ask others and ourselves.

So here are 3 tough questions for the woman in the mirror.

What do I really want?

Getting to the root of what we want, not what others want for us, is sometimes scary. Often times we’re so used to trying to live up to the expectations of others (our families, our boos) that we lose sight of what we want and need in our lives. Don’t shy away from this. While it may be terrifying to find out that what you want doesn’t quite match up with what others who love you want for you, following your own bliss will be better in the end.

Is he/she giving me what I need?

This is a biggie, especially when it comes to our romantic and platonic relationships. While many of us stay in toxic situations because we don’t want to hurt the other person, what we really should be asking ourselves is, “Am I getting what I need?” If the answer is no, you can either try to express your needs to your partner or bounce. It’s not selfish to put your own emotions and needs first at times.

Am I happy?

Because we usually go about our day on autopilot, we rarely consider whether or not we are truly happy. While figuring out what you really want will give you a clue into your happiness, it’s important to check in with yourself to make sure you are mentally, emotionally, and physically happy….on the road there.

What are some other #ToughQuestions women should ask themselves? 

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