It’s hard not to spoil beautiful babies by giving them everything they want and picking them up at every turn. I’m guilty of spoiling my nieces and nephews with candy, toys and whatever their heart desires to the chagrin of my grandmother (and sometimes, their parents). Many purveyors of the old school way of parenting see spoiling as a detriment to the child and strongly advise against it. Such is the case with Tina Knowles, grandmother to Solange’s son, Jules and Beyoncé’s daughter, Blue Ivy.

Knowles spoke with Access Hollywood, while previewing her Fall 2012 collections from Miss Tina and House of Dereon, about the way Beyoncé rears Blue Ivy.

When asked whether Beyoncé is spoiling Blue, Tina Knowles responded, “Of course she is! We all are” but the singer is “spoiling her more than anyone else in the family.”

The grandmother then recounted a time where she placed a phone out of Blue’s reach and encouraged her to crawl to get it. She told Beyoncé to let Blue crawl but the scenario didn’t quite work out as planned.

“[Blue] starts looking at her mom, and then her mom hands it to her,” Tina said. She then told Beyoncé, “You’ve got to man up and get a little tougher.”

The scene reminded me of the many times the elders in my family shake their heads at the way the women in my generation sometimes cater to young children. While it’s important to teach them independence, it’s also hard not to spoil them at that age.

What is your parenting style, Clutchettes? Do you spoil the young children in your family, or are you tough with them?

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  • Joan

    People are taking this way too seriously. Tina might have just been running her mouth. The reality is that we have no idea how much she actually may have “spoiled” Beyonce. And she might be full of it, trying to come off tough because her grandchild has rich, superstar parents. She probably spoils the baby, too. They’re babies; they thrive on attention, touch, interaction, etc. My daughter was “spoiled” as a baby and now she’s a very independent, funny, well-adjusted. well liked, intelligent 9-year old. She understands the value of money, she knows how to work for something and she knows how to treat people. I think people get in trouble when they spoil and don’t teach a child any values. Also, there’s no one formula for all kids, meaning what works for one might not work for others. Some babies need a little more attention, others, not so much.

  • Dee

    I agree w Miss Tina..letting baby blue Ivy crawl to get her toy phone stimulates her mentally and physically..it also teaches ability and confidence as a necessary platform to lielong confidence.. This is a minor scenario, and is very natural to allow baby to achieve what she is developmentally ready for.. Holding and cuddling satisfies a deep need to ffeeling loved and accepted, and it sets the stage for having her needs met..
    Not allowing these things to happen supports “just the oppsite”..My opinion..

  • African Mami

    My parenting style will mirror my mother’s-EXTREMELY humorous!!