Tracee Ellis Ross is praised for her charming personality, impeccable taste in fashion and her healthy head of luscious natural curls. Though she’s been a fashion and beauty darling since she graced our TV screens as the lovable “Joan” on “Girlfriends,” she’s been hesitant about using her fame to endorse products. That’s because Tracee “is not the type to put [her] name on any product [she] doesn’t believe in,” she told a room of industry insiders at a lunch introducing Optimum Salon Haircare’s latest offering.

But that all changed when she discovered Optimum Salon Haircare’s 6-in-1 Miracle Oil. Tracee uses the oil regularly both as a part of her wash-and-go method and to smooth her hair back in a ponytail “on Day 2,” she told the crowd, while applying the oil and scrunching it in her curls for definition. She has signed on as a spokesperson, appearing in hilarious promotional videos alongside celebrity hairstylist, Chuck Amos, and hosting a series of launch events with blogger Curly Nikki.

The product promises to live up to the hype. It blends six essential oils (argan, coconut, jojoba, apricot, sunflower and avocado) and boasts several uses. It can be used as a hot oil treatment, daily leave-in conditioner, moisturizer for any texture and frizz-controlling serum. Tracee even uses it as a body oil on her skin for a natural glow that’s far from greasy.

Optimum Salon Haircare 6-in-1 Miracle Oil retails for $9 and is available here.

Will you try Optimum Salon Haircare 6-in-1 Miracle Oil, Clutchettes? What do you think about Tracee Ellis Ross’ new role as a beauty spokesperson?


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  • pe.riche.

    I am in the process of transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. At the moment, I am feeling a bit over whelmed with all of the product choices! However, given how beautiful and healthy Tracee’s hair is, I will most certainly give it a try!

    • Nic

      Her hair is healthy b/c it is well cared for, but not b/c she uses this product. She has a good hair cut and clearly keeps her ends clipped. Her hair was healthy on Girlfriends and she was definitely not using argan oil back then.

  • amarie

    Hmm…wish I could find the ingredients for this stuff. I have a feeling it has more than the “six essential oils (argan, coconut, jojoba, apricot, sunflower and avocado)” listed.

    • Mademoiselle

      Isopropyl myristate, dicaprylyl ether, Helianthus annuus seed oil/sunflower seed oil, caprulic/capric tryglyceride, prunus armeniaca kernel oil, apricot kernel oil, isopropyl isostearate, simmondsia chinensis oil/jojoba seed oil, persea gratissima oil/avocado oil, argania spinosa oil/argania spinosa kernel oil, cocos nucifera oil/coconut oil, parfum/fragrance, benzyl salicylate, hexyl cinnamal, linalool, benzyl alcohol, limonene, coumarin, hdroxyisohexyl3-cyclohexene carboxaldehyde, geraniol, citronellol, isoeugenol…

      Now, who’s going to translate for the group?

    • Sue

      “Isopropyl myristate is a synthetic oil used as a thickening agent or lubricant in beauty products. A plant derived oil (coconut oil).It is used as skin conditioner, emollient and solvent. Dicaprylyl ether is known for its fast spreading capabilities, and is thus used to help facilitate the spreadability of many slow spreading ingredients.” Found all this info via Google…

      My guess is that this is a blend of natural oils blended with other ingredients, some synthetic, others naturally derived. The order in which the ingredients appear is also important, you’ll notice argan oil is way down the line. Probably not too much of it and with good reason, 100% pure argan oil is pricey.

      Tracee is just endorsing the product, her hair looked great even before this so while it is probably a decent product, it’s not the sole reason her hair looks the way it does.

    • omfg

      i’m guessing a lot of naturals have many of these oils in their cabinets already.

      i have three of them. just get your own oils, mix them and call it a damn miracle.

    • amarie

      Thanks. I figured it was a bunch of synthetic mess with a few drops of natural oils mixed in for good measure. This stuff won’t do anything for your hair but add temporary shine and dry it the hell out.

  • Ms. Information

    She has beautiful hair…but most bi-racial hair is different than black hair and responds to products differently. I hope people don’t buy it thinking that their 4a hair will turn into 3a.3b hair.

    • KitKat

      You don’t have to be first generation mixed to have 2 or 3 type hair, there are mixed folks that have hair that could be easily categorized in the 4’s.
      For anyone who is looking to stay natural and stretch their curls without the use of a texturizer or some such, Capilo Grape Seed Extract treatment will do the job.

    • Ms. Information

      That’s not what I was saying….but I’ve tried various products…Mixed Chicks and et cetera on my hair and it did not work as well as other products with more slip to them for my own 3b 4a 4b mix.

    • Nic

      Um, my mom and a lot of my aunts are NOT biracial and have straighter hair than Tracee Ellis Ross’s. Her hair is pretty but not so exceptional. A lot of people are realizing that as they grown out their relaxers. I’m seeing that a lot of people whose relaxers always looked thin and stringy to me turned out to have wavy or curly hair that just didn’t have enough density to hold up to the relaxer.

      Black people are genetically so diverse that this idea that biracial hair is so different is really a lot of bunk. The hair texture and skin color you get is a crapshoot b/c those features are polygenic, and as a result what is expressed can come from lots of parts of your diverse genetic history. Esp. when there are so many biracial people who have kinky textured hair or darker skin too. People don’t mix like paint, so black plus white doesn’t equal beige and kinky plus straight does not equal curly. Even when it does, that’s not how it works.

      What this product will do though is play into the hair hierarchy that a lot of black women buy into. I am so tired of people saying how much they love Tracee Ellis Ross’s or Corinne Bailey Rae’s hair. They will not buy hair products b/c Whoopi Goldberg uses them, even though she seems to have some very healthy locs. They will buy the “Tracee” oil b/c of her hair texture, but if a kinkier haired woman was the spokesperson, they probably would not. We have this gross obsession with certain hair textures and lengths(so if you have kinkier hair, it had better be long for black women to like it, and I feel like men are even worse). I do not care for it. The goal of any hair should be to make it healthy. All kinds of hair can be beautiful when cared for. I wish more black people understood and believed that.
      I mean, pamper yourself with whatever beauty products you want, but don’t use stuff b/c you wish you had curly hair too…you can buy stuff in Trader Joes, Whole Foods, co-ops, your grocery store, or from any other store that carries basic oils, and they are really cheap.

    • pretty much nailed it

    • Ms. Information

      @ said what I was trying to articulate but did not..thank you.

    • KitKat

      oh ok, apologies.

  • ummebraaheemDee

    Ms. Information should probably be Misinformation. That comment you made is just plain misinformed. Every head of hair is different black, white, or other.

    • Ms. Information

      It is NOT that serious..get your

  • Sam ENG

    My hair isn’t that dry – but I didn’t want to guess which product had the right amount of moisturizing for my hair. I bought the Shielo Restoration Oil to just go all out and moisturize the heck out of my hair and scalp. I was concerned about it weighing my hair down. After ysinh the SHielo Hair Oil, my hair is now very soft and shiney! This oil really does work for any hair if it works on mine.