Since news broke that Tracee Ellis Ross would not be returning for the second season of the BET sitcom ‘Reed Between the Lines,’ folks were understandably perplexed. Ross was not only the star of the show; she was also one of the producers and one of its biggest cheerleaders. But news of her leaving has thrown the show’s future into doubt.

According to Ross, behind the scenes drama didn’t drive her away from ‘Reed Between the Lines.’ It was strictly business:

“It was that BET hadn’t decided if they were picking up the show yet or not,” she told Essence. “During that time when they didn’t know, I was offered a really amazing pilot for NBC, and BET graciously allowed me to go and do it.”

While working on the NBC pilot ‘Bad Girls,’ which was later shelved, things got tricky. “Then the timing got complicated and there was a need to move forward. [BET] had to figure out how to deal without me because I wasn’t available. But it’s not because I wanted to leave.”

Despite her exit, Ross says she still believes in the show and may even return…one day.

“I love Reed Between the Lines, I believe in it. There is a chance I’ll go back, always. There’s nothing weird about it.”

When the show returns, the Reeds will be separated and Carla (Ross) will head to L.A. to pursue her career.

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