Well, Clutchettes, by now you ¬†probably know that, every once in a while, we like to take a break from opining and reporting the news to decompress, ease tension, and celebrate our similarities and differences through game-playing. From Would You Rather? to Never Have I Ever, we’ve aimed to provide you with an afternoon pick-me-up and a way to learn a bit more about one another.

It’s that time again! This go round, we’re playing an old classic: Two Truths and a Lie. Commonly used in classrooms and conferences as an ice-breaker, Two Truths and a Lie involves writing down three things about yourself: two facts, one falsehood. Then, the other participants try to guess which “fact” is a lie.

Ready? Let’s go! Guess my lie, and post your own two truths and a lie below.

1. I’ve seen (and had my picture taken in front of) an original Basquiat in Paris.
2. I used to run track.
3. I’ve met Sonia Sanchez.

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  • The Comment

    # 2 a lie

    1. Avid swimmer
    2. Braids Hair on the side
    3. Uses Banana Boat Sun Tan lotion for the smell.

  • 1. I drink wine and eat sugar wafers when I want to lose weight.
    2. I would rather watch football than clean my house.
    3. I have ridden in 40/50 states on a motorcycle.

    • JN


    • @JN. HA!!HA!! Gotcha.

      I thought sure #1 would be too obvious. I don’t diet. :)

  • student

    1. My grandfather used to play for the Chargers back when they were in the AFL
    2. I’ve won a junior culinary competition
    3. I’m left handed but I prefer to use right handed scissors

    • The Comment

      *rolling over in tears*

      LMAO!!!!!!!!! #3 Left handed but I prefer to use right handed scissors………maybe I’m 5 hours past my bedtime but that was funny.

  • JN

    1. I’ve met Issa Rae.
    2. I’m an avid tennis player.
    3. I love old black-and-white movies.

    • #3?
      If #3 is true, what’s your favorite black and white? I’m a big Bette Davis fan.

    • JN

      Nope! 3 is true. Bette Davis? I LOVED her in “All About Eve.”