Just like we love seeing fashion models on the covers of magazines, there’s something to be said for acknowledging the arbiters of style and not just celebrities. J.Crew does the latter with its Fall 2012 campaign, which features fashion industry insiders.

Julia Sarr-Jamois is among them, and the Wonderland Magazine editor shines in the advertisement, which features her carrying J.Crew’s Biennal satchel. Her soft and full afro and pared-down makeup compliment sharp basics like a mint sweater, peacoat and button-down shirt. The ad reads “You’re drawn to well-made bags and dog-eared paperbacks. We know you’re out there.”

The appeal to the well-dressed public and move away from celebrity was a very strategic one. Diego Scotti J. Crew’s chief marketing officer, told WWD: “We chose very accomplished people who have an impact on our customers and culture in general. They appreciate quality and detail. Our customers identify with them, but the campaign is not about celebrities.”

What do you think about the fashion insider approach to campaigning, Clutchettes? Do you find it more relatable?

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  • while j.crew is still a bit too rich for my blood i love the ad and that they’re using real people, accomplished career people, to sell their product on a level that appeals to the average person. I love dog eared paperbacks. I even have dog eared hard covers. Acknowledging commonalities between the industry and the consumer is a positive step forward.

    • Down south transplant

      I love me some JCrew how can i afford it? JCrew warehouse sale and the prices are dirt cheap, i am not proud to say i once drove 4 hrs for one of those mobile sales still wearing those get ups 4yrs later:)

    • I will have to check that out.

  • I love this, because it’s an appeal to what matters more. I read a study somewhere that the psyche of the consumer, especially in the height of capitalism and marketing, trains us to fall in love with the brands moreso than the actual products themselves. Which is why when I see someone on the bus or train reading articles on their latest iPad, while listening to music on their iPhone and balancing their MacBook Pro on their lap, I get that they’re into Apple; the brand(s) that we choose to support with our purchasing power actually says a lot about us as people, like yeah “I get that you’re trendy and sleek and into the latest technology – Apple fits your lfestyle and identity/personality.” It just makes sense; which brings me to my feelings about this post and the campaign in general. I love that the markerting exec.s at J Crew are proving that they know their audience and they know their target market, of course we love paperback books and are thrilled to see the lovely, fashion-forward Julia of Wonderland covering this campaign, because we’re well-read and that’s a large part of why we identify with her! It all comes back to lifestyle and quality of life, so yeah, this totally speaks to me! And that’s the point, lol.

    • Bronze

      If I had 3 cups of coffee I’d type what you just said. So thank you very so kindly.

    • lol, I’ll take that as a compliment, haha

    • omfg

      sometimes after purchasing products online, jcrew will have a survey. i’ve encountered a survey where they actually asked what race you are.

      don’t think i’ve ever been asked that on a retail survey. income yes, race no.

      found it interesting they wanted to know.

      but i have to say that i wish they’d find another interesting natural-haired beauty to use. people use solange and julia a lot. julia was in a tibi campaign. but, i like julia so no complaints i guess.