I recently heard someone compare people who love expensive shoes to people who appreciate fine wine. It’s a personal “thing” that not everyone gets.

The appeal of an expensive pump or wedge misses me totally. Gucci, Gucci, Louis, Louis, Fendi, Fendi, Prada–like Kreayshawn, I couldn’t care less. (And that’s absolutely the last time you will ever hear me co-signing Kreayshawn!) I’m far more likely to snag a cute, inexpensive shoe from the DSW clearance racks and wear it till the sole falls off. (About a season) I’m no wine connoisseur either. Two buck chuck tastes mighty fine to me.

What I will break the bank for are gadgets and books. I’m saving up for the latest iPad like Carrie Bradshaw saved for Manolos and I have several Louboutins worth of books on my Kindle. (Damn Amazon and its one-click purchase function!) What can I say? I am and always will be a little more geek girl than fashionista.

I was watching this old Bill Maher comedy special this weekend and he made a (typically sexist) joke about how women love their shoes. Dumb, retro stuff like that always makes me cringe. Not saying I don’t know sisters who would live in the shoe department at Nordstrom if given a chance. But for every shoe obsessed woman I know, I know two more that would rather spend their disposable cash on organic food or travel or massages or plays. Real people can rarely be boxed into reductionist, gender-based stereotypes. We’re too human.

Anyway, I’ve shared my shopping guilty pleasure. What makes you open your wallet and throw your budget to the wind?

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