Wise Words

Over the weekend, a friend shared this image on Facebook. Apparently, Alicia Keys saw it and snapped it while at the gym. Although the phrase is simple, it is also something that many of us struggle with: not worrying about pleasing others, only ourselves.

Too often we get caught up trying to make everyone else proud that we end up making our self miserable. Whether it’s being the perfect daughter, friend, lover, spouse, or coworker, often times we end up working overtime to garner the praise of others that we fail to do the things that make us happy.

As we head into this new week, make a commitment to yourself to not be weighed down by the expectations and definitions of others. Break out of the “pleasing others” box and just focus on the things you love and fill you with joy.

Life is too short to life your life on other people’s terms. So make yourself proud, Clutchettes!

Happy Monday! 

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