It’s Friday, Clutchettes and we made it through another week. As we head into the weekend, I want you to allow this quote from writer and blogger Seth Godin sink in.

Many of us talk about being so stressed out by our jobs or our lives that we talk longingly about needing a vacation. But what if you created your life in such a way that everyday was so fulfilling and fun that you never needed a vacation, but rather took trips when you wanted a change of scenery?

While most of us think this type of life is reserved for others, it’s not. Only you are in charge of creating the life you want. If you hate your job, figure out ways to change it. If you want to travel, start saving money for a trip. Don’t just resign yourself to live a mediocre life, get inspired and be extraordinary!

Enjoy your weekend, Cltuchettes! Happy Friday! 

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  • Philemon 1:4

    For you Ms. Britni.

    Have a safe and blessed weekend. <3

  • Yes! Thank you!!!! Love this

  • shadow


  • Great blogs.Thank you.

  • 726

    Which one is it – Our lives are predetermined by a ‘higher power’ or we can ‘create the life we want’?

    • Mademoiselle

      My belief: our destinies (destinations) are predetermined by a higher power, but how, when, and if you get there are determined by the lives we lead. Just like you can be invited to an event, but take the route you choose, go the speed you want, or decide not to go altogether. Just don’t get mad if the route you take or where you end up sucks, because you’re in control of getting there.

    • Patience

      Then there is no point in doing anything in life if someone or something has already determined what we are to be.