“Your task is not to seek love, but to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”– Rumi. 

Let’s just go ahead and call this ‘Love Week’ here in the Wise Words section, shall we?

Yesterday, I shared a love poem from the indomitable poet, Pablo Neruda, and today’s quote comes from Rumi. And yes…as you read, it’s about love. But again, I’m going to flip it on its head and talk about self-love.

Far too often we put barriers in the way of our own success. Perhaps you can’t get over the ex who did you wrong so you take it out on everyone you’ve dated since, or maybe you can’t shake the fact that you’ve faltered at your job so you continue to question your abilities. Whatever the hang-up may be, you’ve got to shake it off if you plan on moving forward and living the life you desire.

Let’s get ready to live our most awesome life, Clutchettes!

Happy Tuesday! 

*Artwork by Dawn Okoro

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  • Roses

    Soooo needed this, this morning! Holding on to a lot, letting go of nothing which is so foolish….But this is how we improve, by realizing where we can make improvements….*Whoosah*

  • July

    Sometimes I’m afraid to remove all my barriers because I know I will lose more and more friends. The more blessed I am, the more people seem to drop off. I have to learn how to accept it. Afterall, It is true everybody is not meant to go to the mountain top with you.

    • Nef

      If you haven’t already, check out TD Jakes sermon via youtube on the 3 types of people: confidants, constituents, and comrades. That video was an Ah ha moment for me. I still watch it from time to time to remember not all folks are meant to be in my life for the long haul. Be Well!!

  • PeppyChick

    Thank you for this! I have realized recently that I have been holding onto situations and people that have hurt me in the past. Those past hurts have been inhibiting my present and future happiness. Consequently, I have created barriers that have prevented me from having full confidence in my educational, relational and career abilities. I have now resloved to have confidence in myself fully and that I control my barriers. So people nor other situations can control my life and that I have the power to break those barriers down.