Nail art and creative messaging go hand-in-hand these days. There’s no shortage of Minx manicures and Sally Hansen stickers that allow you to experiment with nail art in innovative ways. With all the styling options available, it’s tempting to get uber-creative and expressive with your nail designs.

Beyoncé has long been a fan of expressing herself through nail art. When Minx was still gaining popularity, she rocked a picture of Jay-Z, his face shrouded by a New York Yankees cap, on her nails created by Lisa Logan. After daughter Blue Ivy was born, Bey stepped out in manicures with varying shades of blue as a sign of love for her newborn.

More recently, the singer posted a picture on her Tumblr page with a fan’s nail art that seemed to be a tribute to both members of the Carter family. The nails were painted blue as a nod to Blue Ivy and they read “J” “Z” for Jay-Z, “B” for Beyoncé (and Blue?) and “IV” which symbolizes the date of both her and Jay’s birthdays, their wedding date and their “IV” tattoos. Also, Ivy is Blue’s middle name. Finally, the dagger manicure included a photograph of Beyoncé and Jay-Z covered in nail studs. The reactions to the nails are varied with some people calling it tacky and others seeing them as beautiful and stylish.

It got us thinking about people who use nail art as a way to pay homage to people and even celebrities they love. The sentiment is sweet, but it’s not for everybody.

What is your opinion, Clutchettes? Would you wear someone’s face on your nails?


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