Time and time again, casual in-person or online conversations about skin tone have proven to be counterproductive, when the discourse becomes either deeply personal, accusatory, or insulting. With a subject with such deep historical and psychological roots, it’s probably best not to broach any serious discussion about it without the aid of a moderator–preferably someone with a great deal of professional experience. Acclaimed novelist, memoirist, and academic Marita Golden has spent many years examining the experiences of women of color and the effect the color complex has had on them. The author of 2004’s Don’t Play in the Sun: One Woman’s Journey Through the Color Complex, Golden has spoken in public forums and conducted many workshops on the issue.

Her latest workshop has just been announced. Sisters Under the Skin: Healing the Wounds of the Color Complex will take place on October 26 and 27 at Washington, DC’s Thurgood Marshall Center. Dr. Pamela Brewer, a DC-based psychotherapist with 28 years experience, will also be on hand. The workshop aims to open healthy and healing discourse about the color complex in America, providing a safe and instructive environment where participants will learn how to combat the color complex. For more information, visit the event announcement page.

Given the amount of discomfort and pain we’ve seen right here at Clutch in discussions of colorism, Golden’s course is a much-needed resource.

Would you attend or have you ever attended a workshop on healing colorism?

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