Marie Kolstad is your average 83-year old resident of Orange County, California with one exception, last month she underwent a breast augmentation surgery.

While Marie came out of the procedure unharmed without any medical complications, some of the media frenzy and public opinion that followed her decision was that of criticism and disapproval.

Despite the health risks involved, many people over the age of 65 are having cosmetic surgery. It’s becoming somewhat of a trend. Not to mention, the number of women getting breast implants, which has increased exponentially in the past decade, continues to grow.

When asked why she decided to proceed with the surgery, Marie responded,

“I want my children to be proud of what I look like. It’s a time in my life where I felt like I needed a change to make myself feel good. As you get older everything goes down, and you know, you have to look up. I saw kind of an old lady’s body [when I looked in the mirror] and I wanted to look a little younger, and feel a little younger, and feel good about myself.”

Marie was also asked how she felt about the chance of her dying during surgery, she replied, “I’d probably look good in my casket.”

When the New York Times ran the story, the public opinion was largely split on the issue. Many felt a woman of her age had no business undergoing a breast augmentation. “Why does she need bigger boobs?”, “What is she going to do with them? That is ridiculous.”, and “She’s too old.”, were just a few of the negative sentiments regarding Marie’s decision to go under the knife. Despite all of the negative feedback, there were those who encouraged the emerging trend. One woman responded, “If you’re an elderly woman who is healthy, financially set, and cleared by a physician to proceed with plastic surgery, then why not? Everyone wants to feel good about themselves.”

What to you think of Marie’s decision? How old is too old to get a boob job? Should age even matter?

Let us know what you think!

-Chelsey Wilkins

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  • Tiko

    I couldn’t care less what that lady does with her body. It’s her body and she’s not hurting anyone. I believe everyone should have the right to be happy. I also believe everyone making judgements should mind their own business! There’s a plethora of more important issues to be focused on rather than an elderly woman’s boobs! LOL!

  • Faye

    it’s not that I don’t get the naysayer’s point of view
    but really people-

    My body, my business

    I stay slayed over this community property and rights howling people stay having over other people lives, bodies, loves, etc. She’s healthy, she feels good and likes how she looks – more power to her.

  • E.M.S.

    She can do as she pleases, but I do not care for breast implants. I am repulsed by fake breasts, they just don’t look or move right. I personally would never get them.

    I think more women should consider organic augmentation rather than using saline bags. The result would be a lot more natural looking. But this is all merely my opinion.

  • lito

    Elective surgery for anyone of her age should be avoided at all costs. Leakage, infection or complications could be fatal and for what? No surprise this woman is from Orange County, the plastics capital of America.

    • well she DID admit that she doesn’t care about dying “i’d look good in my casket” over some fake titties. SMH

      us women are soo silly in the head!

    • KitKat

      Please it’s not just women, have you seen Mickey Rourke’s face.