Teyana Taylor claims she’s the original tomboy (and clarifies she’s referring to the post-Aaliyah, circa 2005-6 era) but we all know the true tomboy look never went out of style. Girls borrowing from the boys is timeless, but one glance at today’s pop culture princesses, back-to-school campaigns and mall windows and it’s clear the trend is experiencing a resurgence.

Girls in sportswear, sneakers, baseball caps and the like is suddenly the look du jour. Celebrities like Rita Ora and Rihanna in particular are adding more boyish pieces to their repertoire, infusing them with a dose of femininity care of red lipstick or sleek wedge sandals.

While menswear is the one trend that never seems to get old, the new tomboy look takes cues from casual clothes, eschewing the preppy, masculine look of seasons prior.

When done right, the dichotomy between dressed-up feminine and casual masculine can make a gritty, unstudied, alluring statement. But it can just as easily go wrong and look like a ‘walk of shame’ outfit you rushed to put together at your man’s apartment…in the dark.

Would you rock the ‘new’ tomboy look, Clutchettes? Did you love the style before it became ‘trendy’? Discuss.

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  • Mina

    Blah, they all look the same. Teyana, Rita, and Rihanna. They’re all clones.
    Now I find nothing wrong with tomboy chic as I’ve always dressed tomboyish but just b/c these chicks are doing it, doesn’t mean I’ll jump on the bandwagon. I was already on board lol. But the styles they’re wearing is pretty ugly so no, I’m not feeling their style.

  • Jordan

    Wow, they all looked like they went and raided Goodwill, then slapped some jewelry and shades on. Now, they’re just so fashionable. Lol, I can’t deal.