Imagine this:  

You are a single woman-on-the-rise, working at a major Fortune 500 company, working your way up in the ranks, you’re happy and pursuing your dreams to the fullest. The majority of your days are spent working and lets face it there aren’t that many available men in sight at your high-powered workplace. But there’s this one man at your job that has your undivided attention: his scent drives you crazy, his charming smile gives you butterflies, and his skin tone reminds you of a Twix. You know, deep down, you’re single in-part because you’re so picky … yet you can’t find a flaw on this man. He approaches you nearly everyday with small talk — making sure he slides in a compliment or two about your hair or your outfit, even on your worst days he acknowledges your beauty. On top of all his compliments and nice gestures he leaves you with a package EVERY single time you see him.

That package … that guaranteed package … happens to come from the company mail room … that’s because he’s a mail room clerk. Affectionately known as the company “delivery boy!”

The only thing standing between you and him is his résumé. The chemistry between you and him is undeniable. But your standards won’t let you venture beyond fantasizing about the idea of you and him making passionate love in a hot and steamy mail room. You’ve played this scene out thousands of times in your head … but in reality you quiver at the thought of showing up at the company Christmas party with him. Not because you’re shallow but because you truly desire to be paired with your equal on a career level, among other things.

You want the best for you and your top priority is having a man that‘s either your equal or above your standards. That’s fair. You have and maintain a certain standard of living, a standard of income, a standard of intelligence, and your standard of a man is that he meet you halfway or exceed your standards. It’s that simple. You’ve heard the argument time-and-time again “your standards are unrealistic,” but you refuse to buy-in to the naysayers because you, yourself, are living these “unrealistic” standards of having a well-paying job, a solid education, and the resources needed to live comfortably. You know your equal is out there and you feel no pressure what so ever to explain that a man must meet you where you are (mentally, spiritually, and financially too!).

On paper (his résumé) as a mail room clerk can’t compare to your achievements, but, as a man, he’s everything else you desire. This is a challenge that many women-on-the-rise face, the choice between dating him OR dating his résumé.

What’s a Clutchette to do in this situation!? Date him or his résumé? Or… continue to shop around for the package deal?

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