I’ve never had a baby shower, in the traditional sense. When my son was born, random friends dropped stuff off, took a look at my son and bounced. And we were all fine with that. I was never into the pomp and circumstance of such events. Even till this day, I can count on one hand how many baby showers I’ve attended, and still have fingers left over. But not everyone is the same tons of women love having baby showers and attending them.

I’m literally surrounded by pregnant women this year. My best friend since 8th grade is pregnant, both of my sisters are pregnant, and a close friend from college is about to give birth any day now. What each of these women have in common is that these pregnancies aren’t their first. My sisters they took the same route I did. Neither of them had a baby shower. My close friend from college had one, as well as my best friend, Angela. Angela has baby shower etiquette questions. Last night she asked if I felt if it was ok to have a second baby shower. She definitely asked the wrong person. I know absolutely nothing about them, but I went ahead and told her I didn’t see anything wrong. But apparently many people do.

Angela referred to something called a “baby sprinkle”. Another friend of hers said maybe she should have one. I had to ask what exactly was a baby sprinkle. Angela described it as a smaller baby shower that women have once they get to a second baby. Well in my book a baby sprinkle was when a baby pee’d on you while changing a diaper. My bad. You learn something new everyday. According to Robin Elise Weiss, a childbirth and postpartum educator, “No matter what, a baby shower is only for a first baby. These people tend to shun invitations to baby showers other than for a first child. Not only that but you may likely find that they are also only up for one time showers, not the showers of today where a one mother might have three, four or more showers for the same baby!”

So not fair.

Just because the second baby wasn’t born first, doesn’t mean that he/she doesn’t deserve to have pictures taken of his mother in one of those hideous ribbon hats. It shouldn’t mean that he/she doesn’t get gifts, like that booger squeezy thing, or tons of diapers. Every baby needs diapers! I told my friend that she should go ahead and plan her baby shower, to hell with a baby sprinkle, and not to feel guilty about it. Her kids will be 6 years apart, so it’s not like she’s the Dugger woman having a baby every year. If that was the case, yeah, I’d have to rethink RSVP’ing to that party.

Clutchettes, have you had multiple baby showers, or know someone who has? What’s your opinion about them?

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