For the past year we have highlighted a plethora of filmmakers and indie artists who aim to tell stories for and about black audiences. Because of the mainstream media’s inattention to our narratives, upstart directors and writers have been crafting their own stories and distributing them directly to the people.

Christopher Dorrah is knows a think or two about doing it on his own. Dorrah is the creative force behind the new independent drama, Interludes, a story about love, lust and lies. Distributed online, his film centers around a respected psychiatrist who’s patients force him to confront his own demons.

The Interludes website gives the full synopsis:

Jake Morrison (Christopher Dorrah), a revered criminal psychiatrist, is giving his daily review of three of his patients to his unenthusiastic Sargent. The sessions revolve around a detective caught in a love triangle with his wife and mistress; a husband that falls in love with his wife’s best friend (Chrystale Wilson); an overzealous boyfriend that becomes abusive to his girlfriend and a couple struggling to figure out if they really love each other. Through the session Jake begins to analyze his own marital status with his impassioned wife Sare’ (Tahiry Jose) and how certain indiscretions could affect his life. “Interludes” is based on real life events and is told through the eyes of three incarcerated women as they detail the traumatic events from their love life. The film begins with a sense of loss, but on a deeper level, the film is about the complicated relationships we all have with the people we love. It’s a thriller, and the premise is that we are all, from our first love to who we love now shaped from events that happen during the in- between (hence INTERLUDES).

Starring veteran actor Clifton Powell, and newcomers Chrystale Wilson, Ray Lavender, and Tahiry, Interludes is available to download and/or rent.

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