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  • Patience


  • LaNubiana

    Whatever happened to videos that are related to the lyrics to songs? I watch music videos and oddly the song says one thing, the video is about something else… Maybe I’m getting too old for all the rubbish.

  • heide

    Gosh love the video. Love love love the song. Hate him all u want but give credit where it’s due. He did a good job. Very different video for him. To me the metaphor of the video was clear. I got the connection btwn his real life, the music, the public & the media to the suicide mission.

  • Mina

    I didn’t really understand the message of the video. It was all just a bunch of hocus pocus illuminati bs to me. Black pyramids, codes in the skin, army and being a puppet to the military, suicide. I don’t get how all that has to do with judging him. Does he want people to feel sorry for him because he’s portraying himself as a young man in the military who’s now an astronaut fighting some weird asteroid alien thing? Seems like he’s making a mockery of the military more so than saying hey, U.S soldiers, you rock for fighting for our country.

    I used to love him and his music but now I’m just sick of all his bs and his face. Him and Rihanna haven’t learned a thing. He’s cheating on Karreuche with Rihanna and now he’s going to cheat on Rihanna again with someone else. That was the main reason why they broke up and got into that altercation in the first place and now they’re all lovey dovey again. I have a feeling this time when they get back together and he puts his hands on her, she’s going to shoot him in his sleep.