As fall brings crisper weather, we’re going to need someone to keep us warm at night. Ladies, it’s that time of year again: Cuffing Season. Now this is totally in jest as not everyone participates in the cuffing season ritual. But if you do, you already know this is the prime time to get you a boo thang as summer flings are fizzling out.

If you’re a believer in cuffing season, here are five steps you can take to prepare:

1. Re-up on lingerie.

Pay a visit to your lingerie shop of choice. Some sexy thongs or a new lacy bra will put some pep in your strut and make the inner confidence shine through. Guys love that stuff. I promise I read that somewhere.

2. Get kissable lips.

Oral hygiene is a must. In my opinion it doesn’t stop with the teeth/breath but the lips too. In more frigid temperatures, hydration is essential. Doing so will increase smiling, which will make any man want to get a little closer. You have to smack him with the minty freshness and then bring him back in with kissable lips.

3. Choose your go-to scent.

Lastly, great fragrances are always for the win. Tantalizing the sense of smell may make him go straight for the neck. And we all know what happens after that *wink*.

4. Two words: body scrub.

My friend always told me the trick for soft skin all over is none other than a body scrub. You can go to a spa or pick up your own scrub from the drugstore, but the result will be the same: smooth skin he can’t keep his hands off of.

5. Keep your kitty fresh.

Whether you use spray, powder or plain water and soap, a little freshness down there goes a long way. When it comes to hair, proceed with caution (shaving can irritate and waxing can lead to bumps) but be sure to keep it neat. A little triangle is nice though some men like a bush. It’s your choice though I’m sure a Don King ‘fro crosses the line.

Do you actually participate in cuffing season, Clutchettes? If so, how do you prep for it?

 -Nadiah Rodriguez

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