Oh, Mittens. It looks like Romney will do anything to win the Latino vote. I guess with the poll numbers looking the way they are, desperate times calls for desperate measures. During his Univision appearance, Wednesday night, Mittens looked a little darker than his normal self.

The running jokes going around the internet is that Romney, was trying to appeal to the Latino masses, by looking, um…more Latino’er. Yes, I know that’s not a word. What I find funny is the stark contrast between his face and his hands. As a frequent sunbather, whether tanning salons or some au naturale Vitamin D from the sun, I think he’s sneaking up into Snooky territory in this photo.

Let’s take a look at the second photo. Apparently whatever is on his face, is only on the front and not on his neck. His neck is still pale. Rule #1 of self-tanning, don’t miss a spot. Rule #2 of self-tanning, don’t miss a spot. Maybe, just maybe, this was the work of a horrible make-up artist. Rule #1 in make-up artistry, don’t miss a spot.

In any event, whether or not Mittens purposefully tanned, or a make-up artist went crazy on his face, it definitely makes for good fodder and jokes. Pobrecito, Mittens.

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