Rising GOP super star Mia Love catapulted to the national stage during this year’s Republican National Convention. In her speech, love touted her immigrant background and her parents’ ability to pull themselves up by their bootstraps after coming to America with $10 in their pockets.

Despite being a child of immigrants, Love has fallen in line with her party line and has taken a hard line against illegal immigration and so-called “anchor babies” born in the country to simply to gain citizenship. But a new article from political magazine Mother Jones has raised questions about Love’s background and asserts that she just might be an “anchor baby” herself.

Mother Jones reports:

Love doesn’t talk about this aspect of her family’s immigration story now that she’s running for Congress, but she once said in a little-noticed interview that her birth on US soil helped bring her siblings to America. In January 2011, Love told the Deseret News that her parents, Jean Maxime and Marie Bourdeau, came to New York in the 1970s, fleeing poverty and looking for a better life. Love said that her parents immigrated legally, but were forced to leave their two young children behind in Haiti because their visa didn’t allow them to bring the kids. But, writes the Deseret News:

There was an immigration law in place, however, that would grant the entire family citizenship if Jean Maxine and Mary had a baby in America.

But there was a deadline. 

The law was set to expire on Jan. 1, 1976.

On Dec. 6, 1975, with 25 days to spare, Mia was born in a Brooklyn hospital.

In no time, her older brother and sister were sent for in Haiti and the family was re-united.

Says Mia: “My parents have always told me I was a miracle and our family’s ticket to America.”

It’s an uplifting story, but there’s one problem with this account. According to immigration lawyers and US immigration officials, there doesn’t appear to have been a law of the kind described in the article that would have conferred citizenship on Love’s parents, let alone her siblings, by simply having a baby in the United States. Though American immigration law did change in 1976, it merely limited the number of immigrants from the Western Hemisphere who could obtain permanent visas. According to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, the law since at least 1924 has barred minor children from petitioning for permanent residence status on their parents’ behalf. Love’s birth in the US couldn’t have helped to reunite her family in America, say immigration lawyers contacted by Mother Jones. And, they add, if the Bourdeaus were in the US legally on a permanent visa, they would have been able to bring the kids, according to the law at the time.

Though Love has gone on record against many of the programs that help many, including immigrants get on their feet in this country (i.e. school lunch programs and funding for special education programs), using her parents’ “bootstraps” experience as the ultimate example of making it on your own has made Love a favorite Republicans.

Faced with this new information about her background, Mia Love has declined to comment or elaborate further about her parents’ move to the U.S. And despite being heavily backed by Republicans, both in and out of her state, Love is trailing her Democratic rival by double-digit numbers.

Does Love’s background matter?

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  • libpatriot

    Mia Love’s family came from a majority culture and joined another majority culture. This is the same path Africans, Asians and everyone else will take. The only people in this country who cannot take this path are African Americans. This is the difference between blacks the world over and African Americans. These folks are use to setting national standards. Our community does not have this option.

    • There is some truth to your statement. People do tend to gravitate towards cultures that parallel their own. One who grew up middle-class and part of the majority in one country is likely to gravitate towards a similar group in another country. But not always.

      I also think you’ve forgotten Native Americans who identify as such. They are not part of majority culture in the U.S. In fact, they are so often forgotten, it’s as if they are invisible.

    • Joe

      Not sure what you mean. Is it because she married a white person? Do you feel the same way about Obama?

      My Black family members will be voting for Mia, and anyone else who helps stop the administration from pushing our Country down the drain, even more than Bush did.

      Mother Jones is the same liberal mag. that fired Michael Moore for being too honest : ) and sent that edited Mitt “secret video” out to the liberal media just when America was opening her eyes (accusing Mitt of saying he didn’t care, because he admitted those not voting for him probably weren’t concerned about the jobs he’d create and taxes he’d lower etc, that’s probably true, the agenda is more important for some), and distracting us from 911 2012, while the “administration” again lied to us about the known terrorist attacks that they did nothing to prevent).
      And now they are going after Mia. We have to wonder why Mother Jones thinks she is so important? Could she be a powerful force for good? Could she help stop the agenda that would destroy traditional families, freedom of religion, neutral and free press, and our economy? These are the four most important vertebrae in the backbone of any Nation. : )

      I don’t care if Mia believed her parents, or only now looked into their story. My wife is an immigrant, and she doesn’t know the details of laws or how her parents got here. I don’t care if Mia’s parents were illegal, legal, etc. She’s a much better person than Democrat Matheson, and she has done so much good for Saratoga Springs. And will do more good for our Country than Obama has. I was excited when Obama won, but he has done little for us, and he has let homosexuals control him. He said he wouldn’t take a dime from Special Interests, and he is following the money coming from the most powerful and most racist special interest group in America.

  • paul


    It would require mutual trust for a swing strategy to work. The GOP will happily take our votes, say what we want to hear and move on.


    no different to what the Dems have done.

    Unless someone can tell me what measures Obama has undertaken to address the specific concerns of African Americans.

    If I’m not mistaken, Chicago school teachers have Obama pinned down over his backdoor attempts to privatize the Chicago public system. A welcome sign that some black people know who Obama is, and are not drinking the Obama kool aid.

    Good for them – we’ve finally found intelligent black life in america.

    “We need . . . . . . serious grass roots organization” . . . .

    Absolutely, I’d direct the greater part of my political energies to this ^^ strategy. As long as it’s not done just to get Obama re-elected.

    Another point – I’m impressed that people can see bootstraps rags to riches tales for what they are –

    fodder to feed the myth of meritocracy propaganda, put out to justify inequality.

  • paul

    Addressing the question of the article

    Does Love’s background matter?

    No. It’s probably too late to use her lies about her past against her.

    Her current ability to influence large swathes of the populations from her corporate sponsored political platform matters far more –

    same goes for Obama.

    They should both have that platform taken away.

    You can make that happen by joining the campaign to end corporate “personhood” which gives corporations the !st amendment right to free speech, allowing corporations to influence elections through political “contributions”.

    That’s the reason ya got a choice between Romney the Wolf and Obama the um


    One more thing

    even if you think you’ve done well under corporate rule, (as one of its high paid attendants) you should know that the wealth gap is also widening between YOU and the super rich.

    You’re in the 99% with the rest of us.

  • kc

    I love when these self-hating black people have to eat crow. She better take a *huge* bite!

  • Misty_Moonsilver

    Wow…..people will always find something to hate or dislike. No her background doesn’t matter.
    I still love Mia! I hope she continues to move in up politics!