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  • ?!?

    I think a lot of black people don’t date interracially for the right reasons like just liking someone. Some of them choose to not even look at someone of their own race. I think that’s why there are so many people who get upset about it. People use it as a weapon. There have been many men who have come on this site on pretty innocent dating articles only to leave nasty comments about BW and saying they date interracially because BW wear weaves and have attitudes lol. There are BW who date interracially because they think don’t like BM or have had bad experiences with them. Both sides usually end up saying people of other races are superior. It’s kind of sad and pathetic. If black people were dating interracially just because it happened, I think we would see less of this, but I have run into BM who when they see me make a point of looking directly at me and smirking and rubbing all over the girlfriend as if she’s some kind of way to insult me. I think when you combine thinking others are superior with trying to insult the people of your group, this is what you get.

    I don’t get upset about it. I mean people who date interracially are doing it because they genuinely like someone or because they hate the men/women of their group or think they’re inferior. I don’t really care who these hateful people date. I just hope they don’t have any children. I read an article on this site yesterday where a man was upset that BW had the audacity to prefer taller men. He then went on to say he prefers non-black women with “better features.” These are people I don’t really care about.

    I’m sure black people’s obsession with interracial dating with a side of hate and self-loathing looks pathetic to others.

    When we get to a place when black people are dating interracially without hatred and malice for the men/women in their group and an inferiority complex then I think no one will care.

  • joe manning

    you rasict assholes… wow fucku,… i am bi racial and my son is bi racial.. who cares… were all gunna fuckin die anyway…who cares…