You make a goal; perhaps you finally want to drop those last 20 lbs., go back to school, or start a business. After getting started and working hard for a little while, you fall off and soon your goal becomes a mere memory.

How many of you can relate?

If I tired to count up the number of goals and aspirations I’ve had over the years that never quite panned out, I’d run out of fingers and toes. While I’m full of ideas and ambition, in the past (and if I’m honest, sometimes today), I’m also full of excuses.

Recently, I wrote about the fact that the phrase “easier said than done,” completely rubs me the wrong way. While it seems innocuous in nature, the phrase personifies everything I hate about excuses: they remove personal responsibility and make us feel like our aspirations are just too difficult to be tackled.

The reality, however, is that everything is “easier said than done” until we do it. And by continuing to make excuses, we’ll not only get any further in life, but we will also look back on our brief time on this earth with regret.

Overcoming excuses can be tough and require near Herculean effort. Ditching all of the reasons why we can’t quite get over the hump requires us to train our mind to think outside of our perceived limitations and not listen to that little voice that tells us we don’t need to work toward our goals right now, or pursuing them will just be too difficult to bear.

But as Heny Ford once said, “The man who thinks he can and the man who thinks he can’t are both right.”

Which one are you?

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  • gwaan gyal

    Great article!

  • Ange B

    Good point. It can be tough to get all your goals…and I too have fallen off the wagon of achieving everything I would like to..but it is also good to remember the ones that you did manage to achieve as well. Excuses are a crutch at times and I am surely guilty of leaning on those from time to time.

  • Lady P

    Excuses will get you absolutely no where. If you have to take small steps – -do it, just don’t stop. You will eventually accomplish all your goals. Great article!!!

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