Exhale…for real


We all say we are waiting to exhale; to release all tension, stress, worry and emotional contamination that tend to make the task of waking up a little harder each day. My question is that once you exhale all of these things, what do you inhale? Every woman wants to exhale, but what is the point if you only take back in the same thing you released except this time it is accompanied by different circumstances. Exhale the stress caused by a companion and inhale the stress from your colleagues and/or boss at work. To release means to let go of all things that continue to stifle or suffocate your growth spiritually, emotionally or intellectually. Many times we release one form of negativity only to take in another. Then we wonder why we still continue to cry at night and dread the sun as it notifies us of the start of a new day.

Instead when you exhale negativity, inhale the concept that peace is a mindset that you were blessed with. It is a gift that you have control over and the only reason you lose it is because you allow some external force to snatch it away from you. Make up in your mind that the peace that you were blessed with is far too precious a gift to allow something or someone less significant to take away. I don’t care what anyone says, peace is the most precious thing we have. When all else fades away, money, jobs, companions and even family, it is our peace that gets us through each day.

In all actuality, we shouldn’t have to make exhaling a continuous part of our lives. Rather this is how is should go…

• Exhale all the crap
• Inhale all the beauty and blessings this life has to offer, including recognition of self-worth
• Then…LIVE!!!!

Learn to live and not merely exist. The next time you exhale make sure you release everything in that one breath because after you release it, its time to start anew remembering always that you were fearfully and wonderfully made. AHHH it feels so good to exhale.

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