You’re walking down the street, and a beautiful smile catches your eye. Being caught up in your magical moment, your eyes marinate on his perfect facial features.

Slowly allowing your eyes to drift down, you either become more intrigued with his natural style or your smile slowly turns into a frown as you see his style is not his friend or associate.

Either it was the five million accessories and four layered cardigans that made you think “Hmmm … he is doing just a bit too much” or it was the stained sweatshirt and the breakaway khakis that had you question his hygiene.

Maybe they were both bad enough to erase the fact that he had the most beautiful face that you’d ever seen in your life or at least in the past week. Clutchettes — let’s see if we can wiggle out the different types of “stylish” guys.

Too Hot

Ok — so we all know this man.  We may even have dated him, or he’s our perfect shopping buddy.  Every time he puts on clothing it’s an outfit from head to toe. Even when he’s going to work out he can’t just throw on a t-shirt and shorts — everywhere he goes it’s an opportunity for him to show off his stylish taste. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a man who appreciates fashion, but, when you taking longer than me to get ready, it makes me raise an eyebrow. I know being metro is “in,” but it does not mean head over heels fashion lover — just saying.

Too Cold

So he rolled out of bed with a basic crewneck t-shirt and jeans. Ok, definitely not a problem, but why do I see these the same two pieces Monday through Friday.  When the weekend approaches, you think he’s going to remix it for you? He does — but into a hoodie and his weekend jeans. This becomes a problem because he feels like his outfits are “all purpose.” It’s cool that he is not into fashion, but being lazy about his appearance, even when he’s around you, is not the business.

Just Right!

Not too hot, not too cold but just right. He’s not prancing around in the mirror for hours and he does not look like he just rolled out of bed. It’s a healthy balance. When he goes shopping he knows his style and what works for him. Maybe you will have 1-2 convos here and there about size and cut, but he’s not making the entire world his runway. His style simply displays his personality. Which is confident, laid back and comfortable. For me, I think that is the best style anyone can ask for.

So Ladies, if you had to choose — are you attracted to less or more?

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