If you tuned into Hollywood Exes this season and expected drama on the level of Basketball Wives or Real Housewives of Atlanta, you may have been a little bit disappointed. Aside from Prince’s ex-wife Mayte Garcia getting offended and throwing a wine glass to the grown because of Jessica Canseco’s lackadaisical abortion views, there really wasn’t much drama going on.  The women of Hollywood Exes proved that taking the high road and not turning the show into trash television has it benefits. It was announced yesterday that the show would be renewed for a second season.

Unlike its other reality show counterparts, the women of Hollywood Exes, were more than mere “baby mommas” or groupies. The show’s title fit them to a “T”.

Nicole Murphy, the ex-wife of Eddie Murphy, was the ringleader of the group. Statuesque with a body to die for, she played the voice of reason when it came to disputes. While dealing with her own financial issues, and engagement to Michael Strahan, she was embarking on reigniting her modeling career and starting a clothing line.  Then there was Andrea Kelly, and her baby hair. Who knew up until this show aired that R. Kelly was ever married? And not just one of those Kardashian 72 day marriages, but for 13 years. Andrea’s main focus was to find her “own way” in the world, but as much as her character came off as a caricature, it was hard not to like her way with words.  As much as I tried to like Sheree Fletcher, ex-wife of Will Smith and now preacher’s wife, her holier than thou attitude didn’t sit well with me, or with Jose Canseco’s ex-wife Jessica. As a single parent, raising a teenage daughter, Jessica is that filterless friend. She says what’s on her mind, no matter how dumb it sounds. Rounding out the exes was Mayte Garcia, ex-wife of Prince.  Although she’s been divorced, longer than her marriage to Prince, she still carries a lot of baggage with her. From the Prince symbol chinaware still in her house, to the loss of two pregnancies, Mayte obviously has some issues that haven’t been worked out.

Could the Hollywood Exes become a shining example of  what reality television women could be? Drama free and able to handle conflict resolution without throwing fists or wine bottles? I guess we’ll have to wait and see next season.

Clutchettes, did you watch Hollywood Exes this season? What are your thoughts on the show?

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