Is it really that complicated? Really? We’ve all seen that ambiguous relationship status “It’s Complicated” on Facebook, but what does it really mean? Typically, the implication is that “It’s Mysterious” or “It’s Sordid” or “Wouldn’t you like to know.” I call shenanigans. All “It’s Complicated” means is that you’re either in a relationship all by yourself in which your “significant other” doesn’t acknowledge you or that you’re involved with someone who does not have a Facebook account and would like to leave your options open.

Let’s talk about the former. There is nothing complicated about being a jump-off or longing for someone who is simply not invested in you. There is nothing complicated (status wise) about being in a committed relationship. Either you and your significant other have agreed not to sleep with other people, or you haven’t. It really is that simple.

As for the later, Facebook is not Match. It’s not even MySpace. Yet, there will always be those creepazoid freakazoids looking for some strange, even if it means harassing the friends, family, and possibly colleagues of the girl who sat in front of you in second grade by sending random messages and friend requests. If you happen to “meet” someone on Facebook (and by meet I really mean add to your friend list), it should be an artifact of genuine and spontaneous interaction and not the result of you combing other people’s friend lists looking for trim.

All romantic relationships are complicated in themselves. There are issues of trust, fidelity, and a double dose of life’s problems. Let’s be clear: that is not what we’re talking about here. We are talking about the status of your relationship. If all you can say about your current relationship status is that “It’s Complicated,”then you probably aren’t in a relationship. Or you won’t be for long.

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