There’s 42 days until the election and whether you’re voting for Obama or Romney, the most important thing is that you’re voting. There are plenty of people in the U.S that for whatever reason, can’t vote. Then there are those who make excuses. “Oh it doesn’t matter who wins”, “What good is my vote going to do?”, “They’re all the same. The government sucks”. There’s truly no excuse not to vote. People fought long and hard for everyone to have the right too, and till this day, some are still fighting for that right.

Clutch is participating in National Voter Registration Day. The registration deadline is fast approaching and if you don’t register to vote within the next two weeks (dates vary by state), you’re going to miss out on the opportunity.

To find register to vote, it’s as simple as clicking onto the website, and should only take 5 minutes. Head over to The National Voter Registration Website to fill out your registration card. You can also use to the site to direct your to the individual state you reside in for more information.

Of course every Clutch reader is already registered, right? If you know someone who isn’t registered, talk to them, hear them out, then show them how simple it is. I’m not one to say that if you don’t vote, you can’t complain, but you will receive a major side eye from me if you do!

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